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Alison Tanti Micallef[email protected]+356 7984 3223 / +356 9945 2560CCP110

Attard/OnlineMy full time job is an educator. It is because of this that I studied Counselling. For my Masters of Arts in Transcultural Counselling I researched the the lived experiences of people attending counselling while going through Ivf in Malta. I worked with elder people and at Dar Merhba Bik. I am an Adlerian and I am passionate about this school of thought because it helps in my full time job when working with my colleagues and with my students, it helps me as a parent, to empower and encourage my children in various ways, and it helps me in furthering my studies for the Counselling profession too.
Angele Licari[email protected]+35699205305Online/Balzan/St Paul s Bay/Marsascala.Worked in the field for 35 years, Masters from London Metropolitan University. Worked in a marriage institution, drug rehab, CCF prison, university, and private practice.
Anna Catania

[email protected]+35699230238CCP028ŻurrieqAnna is a warranted counsellor specialised in the area of sex and relationships. She offers counselling to individuals and couples who are having difficulties with sexuality, relationships and intimacy. Moreover, having years of experience in the field of Cancer Care, Anna has integrated her knowledge and expertise in working with clients dealing with survivorship issues of body image, erectile dysfunctions, genito-pelvic pain penetration disorder and low sexual desire. Anna is a member of the European Society of Sexual Medicine (ESSM), the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT) and the Malta Association for the Counselling Profession. Anna is currently Chair of the Council for the Counselling Profession.
Antonella Grasso[email protected]+35699631407CCP076Fgura/MarsascalaAntonella has a Masters Degree in Transcultural Counselling and a Bachelor in Psychology (Hons.) Degree from the University of Malta.

Antonella has worked at Caritas San Blas with both male and female residents dealing with drug and substance addiction. Additionally, she has also had the opportunity to work with groups at Dar Kenn Għal Saħħtek. This group counselling experience gave her the chance to work with issues relating to eating disorders.

At the moment, Antonella works therapeutically with children and adolescents who are coming from diverse backgrounds with a number of different issues. Antonella also works with families who are going through difficulties such as marital conflict, troubled relationships between family members, parenting, and mental health difficulties. Her main areas of interest include working with children and adolescents, depression and mood disorders, general mental health and wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem issues.
Bernice Micallef[email protected]+35699804553CCP112VallettaEnthusiastic and Energetic with a strong sense of Advocacy. Having experience in schools and working with vulnerable adult groups in the community and in a shelter for homeless pregnant mothers. I enjoy working in a team as well as mentoring and liaising with other services for the well being of the client and all involved.
Carmen Galea[email protected]


After 42 years working in state schools it was time for my retirement. A few months later I started working as a school counsellor at the St Paul’s Bay primary school as part of the Blossom project run by the Malta Trust Foundation. Soon I will be based at Qawra primary school. I am a founding member of Home-Start Malta and an MACP Fellow member. I was a board member on the first Council for the Counselling Profession, President of the Malta Association for the Counselling Profession for seven years and Membership Chair of the International Association for Counselling for five years. For a number of years I lectured on Child Abuse at the University of Malta.
Chantelle Sciberras[email protected]+35699885960CCP089Naxxar/StVenera
With an 8 year experience my areas of specialization are mental health issues stemming from personal and also organisational/work related demands and behavioural problems in children, adolescents and adults.

Amongst using varied therapeutic tools and skills, I have received specialized training in:

– EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing – a therapeutic approach used mainly in traumatic situations);

– DBT (Dialectic Behavioural Therapy – a therapeutic approach used mainly with individuals who have been diagnosed or are showing symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder);

– Incredible Years (a 10 week programme based on positive parenting skills for parents and children/adolescents).
Charisse Boffa[email protected]+35699572420CCP038ĦamrunI am a warranted counsellor and was awarded a Master degree in Counselling in 2014, specialising in Community Counselling. Throughout the course of studies I have conducted my counselling placement with the Caritas Counselling and Social Work team. I currently work with offenders on community based sanctions at the Department of Probation and Parole, thus I deal with addictions, perpetrators of abuse and other individuals with challenging behaviour. My dissertation, titled ‘The Voice of Aggression’ focused on individuals who manifest anger management problems. I also hold a post-graduate diploma in Probation Services and an honours degree in Psychology. I was previously employed by the Agency for the Welfare of Asylum Seekers (AWAS). My clients were individuals from multicultural backgrounds, mainly individuals who had fled their home countries in Africa. My areas of interest are; anger management, adolescents and individuals facing relationship difficulties, existential uncertainties and anxiety issues.
Chiara Vassallo[email protected]+35679307091CCP116 Chiara Vassallo is a counsellor with a Master Degree in Transcultural Counselling from the University of Malta (in collaboration with the University of New Orleans). She works as a Principal Counsellor and manages the Counselling Services in 7 different schools.

Chiara has experience working with children and adolescents, providing individual, group and family support. She works with clients coming from diverse cultural backgrounds presenting a variety of issues, such as: emotional difficulties, challenging behaviour, anger management, academic concerns, anxiety, separation, mental health issues, relationship difficulties, domestic violence, depression, self-esteem issues, self-identity, sexuality, self-harm and stress. As well as specific issues relating to themes of trauma, loss, shame, bereavement, abuse, life changes, eating disorder and addiction related issues. These experiences taught her a lot about life and the positive attitude counselling can offer towards life.

In private practice Chiara specialises in individual counselling. She offers therapeutic and emotional support in a confidential, empathic and non-judgemental setting using mainly client-centered therapy and other approaches to suit the client’s needs. The aim for counselling is to explore issues and gain insights into the client’s life, support and help client develop holistically, and move towards living a fulfilling life.
Claire Ciantar[email protected]+35679928960CCP125 Claire has been drawn to the world of the healing professions from a young age. Her interest in human interactions lead her to study psychology at the University of Malta, after which she acquired her Masters degree in Transcultural Counselling. She has been working as a Counsellor at ITS since 2014.
Her interest in diverse forms of healing modalities lead her to furthering her studies in Complementary Therapies. Claire achieved a VTCT Diploma in Complementary Therapies, further gaining another 2 VTCT Diplomas in Advanced Aromatherapy and Advanced Reflexology. She practices Complementary Therapy at Polaris Consultancy and also carries out the duties of a Psychology Assistant within the same organisation.
Claire claims that the combined knowledge she has gained from studying these different types of healing modalities have assisted her in gaining a deeper understanding into people’s individual journeys towards wellbeing.
During her free time, Claire enjoys listening to music, singing and dancing, as well as spending time with her loved ones.
Deborah Keleta[email protected]+35679058575CCP035ŻejtunDeborah Keleta is a counsellor with 11 years experience working in education and private practice with clients of all ages. She is also a qualified clinical supervisor. She read an MSc in counselling at the University of Edinburgh and a Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Supervision with the University of Derbyshire. Deborah uses various forms of therapies focusing on reality therapy. She uses Choice theory as a foundation for her methods of counselling.
Dr Rose Falzon[email protected]+35699455848CCP134 SliemaAcademic Qualifications: Graduated with B.Ed. (Hons) (University of Malta) and consequently completed a Clinical and Pastoral Counselling Diploma (Glasgow Counselling Institute), a MSc in Counselling (University of Bristol), MA in Gestalt Psychotherapy (EAPTI-GPTIM) and a Doctor of Education (University of Bristol). Currently also completing a Doctorate in Gestalt Psychotherapy.

Experience: Apart from working as a senior lecturer, I am a Warranted Counsellor, Warranted Psychotherapist and Accredited Supervisor. I have given my services for nearly twenty years in the field of counselling and psychotherapy as well as a practitioner supervisor both in private practice and in diverse organisations, and held training, seminars, and continuous professional development in diverse colleges, schools and other entities.

Services offered: I mostly offer counselling and psychotherapy to adults encompassing couple and family issues, mental health conditions, individual therapy and personal growth, and work related and professional mentoring issues. I also offer individual and group supervision to diverse practitioners in the humanistic fields.
Erica Bondin[email protected]+35679322289CCP106As a counsellor, my priority is to work with the client through a genuine relationship based on trust and respect in order to provide a safe space to share and process thoughts, emotions and personal difficulties.

My background is in Criminology (Bachelor of Arts) followed by a dual Masters degree in Transcultural Counselling from the University of Malta, and in Community Counselling from the University of Maryland, USA. I specialised my studies on coping styles and attitude towards seeking help.

During my studies, I had the privilege to work with adults, teenagers, inmates and migrants whose issues ranged from relationships, trauma, depression, dealing with change, bereavement, and life challenges.

Presently, I have been working for the past four years as a counsellor in a government college, where I work with school children, parents/guardians and also members of staff. In my current role I work within a psychosocial team of professionals through consultation with the goal of providing the best effective way for our students and their families.
Estela Rama[email protected]+35699264551CCP169 San Ġwann/MsidaI have a Master’s Degree in Counselling and a Psychology Degree from the University of Malta and I am currently pursuing a course in Sport and Exercise Psychology. I believe that therapy is a collaborative process built on trust and I strive to create a space for clients to discover and explore their feelings and experiences.

I have experience working with adolescents, adults experiencing mental health issues and with people who are or have been victims of crime such as domestic violence and sexual assault. I have also worked in the field of disability for four years, in both community and home settings.

My other areas of interest include trauma, anxiety, depression, identity, self-esteem, personal growth, disability, migratory experiences, adjustment difficulties, relationships, sexuality and sports.
Etienne Gatt[email protected]+35679258273CCP056Naxxar/QormiIn my experience over the years, I have worked with adults going through issues of anxiety, trauma,
depression and relationship problems. I possess in-depth experience working
with clients who have been diagnosed with a terminal
illness or with relatives
supporting such clients. In the past, I have worked with clients experiencing domestic
violence and eating
disorders. My work primarily draws from a Humanistic
approach with particular influences from Adlerian
and CBT
therapies. I graduated with a Master in Counselling with
Distinction from the University of Malta and apart from my private practice, I also work as a Human Resources Manager.
Fiona Marie D’Amato[email protected]+35679393187CCP065Għaxaq/LuqaI graduated with an M Couns degree in 2012 and worked ever since with children, teenagers, young adults and adults. I have worked with people having issues with self-esteem, self-harm, anxiety, phobias, family related, relationship, loneliness, life changes, and others. I mainly work from a humanistic point of view but use different techniques according to the needs of the client. My aim is to help the client understand, reflect and work on their issues within a supportive and safe environment.
Gabrielle Bartoli[email protected]+35679398700CCP108 MostaGabrielle is graduated with a Master in Counselling. She has done placements in the community and in a centre for the treatment of Eating Disorders and Obesity on an individual basis, as well as group counselling with adolescents in other fields. Her research focussed on how mindfulness can mitigate anxiety by following the journey of adults seeking relief from their inexorable mind. Morevover, Gabrielle works as a Guidance Teacher within the National School Support Services whereby she works closely with students in various schools. She currently works with adolescents and young adults as a counsellor in Private Practice.
Ina Lempereur[email protected]+35699426932CCP062Valletta/Marsalforn/ GozoThe approach that informs my counselling work is person-centered and an expression of my own unique diverse life experiences and life wisdom. As a transcultural counsellor, I have dedicated many hours of my life to reflect on myself as a cultural being, for my own healing and transformation. I now use gained knowledge and my own continuous growth to help the transformation and healing of the diverse people who seek my help. It is from this place of being that I approach counselling work. I see the counselling process as a journey of self-exploration. Together with the client, I work to explore the client’s inner world through dialogue and deep compassionate listening. My academic background includes a B. Psy. (HONS), an MSc. in Organizational Psychology, and an MA. in Transcultural Counselling.
Isabel Camilleri[email protected]+35699854942CCP022SiġġiewiIsabel Camilleri is currently working as full time Counsellor at the Malta College of Arts Science and Technology. She is highly experienced in working with young adults and adults. She is passionate about her work and strives to provide a valuable service to her clients. Her research interests focus on the contributing factors of therapy with distressed relationships. She is a member of the Malta Association for Counselling Profession.
Isabelle Anastasi[email protected]+35699033523CCP023QormiI have been practicing counselling private practice since 2017 and worked with individuals, couples and families. I am currently working as a school counsellor at Maria Regina College Naxxar Middle School with the Malta Trust Foundation Blossom Project. I work with different issues and situations both in my work and school and during my private practice.
Jan Mallia Azzopardi[email protected]+35699822526CCP064 Birkirkara
Jeanine Balzan Engerer[email protected]+35679834203CCP052 SliemaCounsellor specialized in children and adolescents.
Jenny Zammit[email protected]+35679421968CCP109 NaxxarJenny has trained in Malta and the Uk in counselling family therapy and supervision. She has been working in these fields for over 30 years.
Jesmond Friggieri[email protected]+35679603358CCP057 Birkirkara25 years experience in offering counselling to individuals and families in various institutions and also in private practice. Has worked for 7 years in addiction field.
Johanna Cutajar[email protected]+35679947925CCP165 I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Maltese and Psychology, a Higher Diploma in Psychology, and a Master in Counselling from the University of Malta. These courses have covered various topics, but I was particularly drawn to the fields of child and adolescence, systemic therapy and abuse. Considering the eclectic nature of the course, I seek to directly to meet the client and their needs by drawing from multiple therapy approaches in order to determine what works best for the client.
Johanna Rizzo[email protected]+35679804180CCP075Żejtun/Ta’ Xbiex/ MarsascalaAfter a career In teaching at primary and secondary level in state, church and private schools, I moved on to read for a Master in Counselling degree.
Presently, I am a full-time counsellor at The Children’s Directorate – Alternative Care within the fostering and adoption teams. Besides counselling, I’m also involved in the training given to prospective foster carers and adoptive parents on Trauma-Informed Care and Therapeutic Parenting.
I also work at Private Practice where my main focus is Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and its implications for counselling to those individuals experiencing fertility challenges.
In addition, I do couples counselling as guided by my training in Gottman’s Method Couples Therapy.
Josef Mizzi[email protected]+35679317433CCP049 GħaxaqI work as a full time counsellor at the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) where I give counselling sessions to both students and staff within the institution. I also hold a position of part-time counsellor within Richmond Foundation and SOS Malta. I see clients privately where my work varies across ages and different presenting issues.
I am currently serving a term on the committee of the Malta Association for the Counselling Profession and on the Council for the Counselling Profession board.
Joselle Camilleri[email protected]+35679268640CCP162 GozoJoselle has a Master’s Degree in Counselling and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (Hons) from the University of Malta. She has worked with different age-groups and has substantial experience in working therapeutically with individuals and couples presenting with mental health problems, relationship issues, parenting difficulties and emotional problems. Her main areas of interest include eating disorders, addiction, anxiety, stress, bereavement, abuse and trauma. Through counselling, Joselle aims to support her clients to find ways to cope and work through their problems in a safe, non-judgemental therapeutic environment to achieve a more fulfilled and balanced life.
Joseph Pellicano[email protected]0035679005037CCP090Rabat/SiġġiewiI am a counsellor, having acquired a Master in Counselling through the University of Malta. I am also a teacher by profession. My private practice, along with other experiences in counselling, have brought me to collaborate and work with several foundations and organisation in society recognised for their valuable work within the social sector in Malta. Among them are Caritas Malta, the Karl Vella Foundation and DAR Bjorn.
Through my practice, I have worked with adults, adolescents and children, who face challenging experiences and issues, including anxiety, PTSD, trauma, depression, bereavement, addiction, issues related to parenting, relationship problems, attachment issues and terminal illness. I embrace an integrative approach, which allows for adapting and adjusting to the individual needs of people I work with. Moreover, psychoanalytic and CBT approaches also guide and inform my practice.
I have ample experience in the voluntary sector, working in organisations which focus on the well-being of various minority groups, and embarked on several projects aimed to support vulnerable people. Currently I am also vice-president of MACP.
Josianne CordinaJosianne Cordina+35679261106CCP021Gozo

As a counsellor, I seek to provide a space for the clients in which they feel safe to talk about their emotions and difficulties in a confidential environment. The reason behind my choice in entering the counsellling profession stemmed from my own personal therapeutic experiences, where I was inspired to acquire the skills and knowledge in order to help individuals’ process experiences/emotions that eventually lead to living a fulfilling life.
I received my first Bachelors Degree in PSD from the University of Malta (2009) and completed my studies in 2012 where I obtained a Master’s degree in Counselling (2016) with specialization in Children and Adolescents. In 2016, I had completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Educational Mentoring.
My work experiences span across diverse traineeships and employments in different organizations and institutions. I have been working in a church school as a PSCD and Guidance teacher for 9 years. I worked with Inspire Foundation and later on joined Hand in Hand Malta where I have been working as a tutor with children on the Autism spectrum for the past years.
I have conducted counselling sessions within the school mainly in supporting students to address inter- and intra-personal issues, behavioural difficulties, and familial problems. In parallel, I have been serving as a counsellor at Victim Support Malta and Corradino Correctional Facility. I also have my private practice in Gozo where I mainly see children, young adolescents and their families who face difficulties of a psychological nature. I also help in raising further awareness regarding counselling and the importance of mental well-being within the small Gozitan community.
Karen Decelis[email protected]+35679397852CCP160Qormi/BirkirkaraKaren Decelis obtained her Master’s Degree in Counselling from the University of Malta.
As a counsellor, Karen’s priority is to create a safe space for the client, and build a genuine relationship based on trust and respect. She mainly takes on a Person-Centered Approach although she draws in techniques from CBT, Gestalt and Brief Solution Focused Therapy amongst others.
She provided Counselling Sessions at a Local College, Victim Support Malta, Fleur de Lys Community Centre, TAMA and Caritas Counselling Unit. For the last four years, Karen has been working therapeutically with children and adolescents at St Ignatius College. She works with children who are coming from diverse backgrounds with a number of different issues. She also works in Private Practice with adolescents and adults. Her main areas of interest include working with clients experiencing: Depression and Anxiety, General Mental Health and Wellbeing, Confidence and Self-Esteem Issues, Sexual Abuse, Social Problems, Anger Management, Trauma, PTSD, Self-harm and Parent-Child Difficulties.
Katinka Zahra Lehtonen

[email protected]+35699489870CCP083 St VeneraKatinka earned her Master’s Degree in Counselling from University of Malta in 2016 and her Master’s Degree in Social Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties in 2012. She provides counselling in various areas including individuals and family members of persons with health issues, sexual difficulties, bereavement, those experiencing bullying or domestic violence, behavioural difficulties in youths, couples and individuals interested in achieving personal growth.
Through practice placements, studies, voluntary work and private practice experience, Katinka has gained the skills in therapeutic settings, and in the human services field. Throughout various placements Katinka has worked with users of illicit substances and their families, victims of domestic violence and clients going through various medical issues. Katinka has also been working in an educational setting since 2008 in which she has worked extensively both on an individual and group setting with students with social problems, behavioural difficulties, anger management issues and providing emotional support.
By means of an eclectic approach, she strives to help individuals gain personal growth, a better understanding of themselves, empowerment and bring awareness to the clients’ inner strength.
In her free time, Katinka enjoys spending time gardening, cycling and expressing herself through art and music.
Kelly Anne Zerafa[email protected]+35679297380CCP149 St Julian’sA counsellor and psychology graduate specialising in ADHD and other neurodevelopmental conditions, mainly using CBT and person-centred approaches.
Lauren Kenely[email protected]+35679458695CCP005Fgura/Online
I graduated as a Counsellor in 2012 from the University of Malta, and later as Counselling Supervisor from the same University. I have a very vast experience working in different sectors which include education, families, organisations, child abuse and domestic violence.
I was awarded a Masters in Training in HRM from the University of Leicester UK in 2005, and this has led to my interest in the importance of training and mental health within organisations. I provide training to different professional groups on both a local and international level.
In my private practice I provide counselling to adolescents, parents, families, couples and adults with different issues varying from anxiety, relationship issues, personal growth, life struggles, trauma and abuse. I also provide supervision to counsellors and trainee counsellors.
Leonard Griscti[email protected]+35679999514CCP017 San Ġwann/Rabat/
Mr Griscti is a seasoned helper in the personal and social wellbeing fields, having been active in helping contexts since the 1990’s both locally and overseas. He started his career as an educator, subsequently branching out to Youth Work and Counselling. Besides his Master in Counselling degree, he also holds a Master Degree in Youth & Community Studies. As a counsellor he works with clients from different age groups, hailing from diverse backgrounds and engaging with a wide spectrum of life challenges. He is a strong believer in human resilience and uses an eclectic, non-judgemental counselling approach tailored to the needs of the individual client. Areas of interest include: self-image and self-esteem, assertiveness, personal development and identity, relationship difficulties, depression, health issues, bereavement & grief, abuse & trauma recovery, anxiety, sexuality, adolescent development and related challenges.
Maria Zammit Genovese [email protected]+35679206015CCP045ŻurrieqMaria has been working in the therapeutic field since 2006. A warranted counsellor since 2015, with training in systemic and gestalt psychotherapy modalities, Maria is currently training to become an EMDR therapist. Maria has extensive experience in working with children (and their family systems) in schools, with clients dealing with addictions as well as clients who have experienced trauma. In her work, Maria focuses on supporting her clients to make sense of their psychological baggage as well helping them find skills to cope more effectively with their life stories.
Marianna Micallef-Grimaud[email protected]+35679260008CCP058Naxxar/Siġġiewi/
I am a certified Community Counsellor. My counselling experience includes working with clients coming from diverse backgrounds. Counselling individuals and couples for:
abuse, anxiety, anger, bereavement, communication issues, change & transition (work, home, separation, divorce, retirement), crime victims, depression, relational problems, self-development, existential crises.
In my counsellor role, I help and support people to explore emotions related to their experiences. I aim is to help alleviate my clients’ personal distress and suffering, giving them support and encouragement to develop a more meaningful sense of self. The work I provide is strongly based on the awareness that stress, anxiety and dissatisfaction are inherent components of the human condition; nevertheless, there are tools available to manage, minimize and also a orate the associated mental and emotional suffering.
Mariella Camilleri Falzon[email protected]+35679051296CCP027Mġarr/Naxxar
I work with individuals and couples in crisis due to a variety of issues: anxiety, depression, bereavement, separation and also those who need to understand themselves for better coping and find their true calling in life.
Marisa Mintoff[email protected]

+35679071176CCP066MostaAfter graduating from the University of Malta with a BA in Psychology and Maltese, Marisa followed the PGCE Course in PSD. For the last 20 years, she has worked mainly as a PSCD teacher and Guidance teacher in a Church school.
Marisa then pursued a Masters in Counselling at the University of Malta, where she specialised and gained further experience counselling and working with students of all ages. Her work is eclectic, using counselling skills drawn from diverse schools of thought, adapted to what works best for individual clients. She also utilizes diverse creative techniques with children and adolescents.
Mark Pellicano[email protected]+35679335312CCP092ĦamrunI work at Fondazzjoni Sebh as Children’s Services Manager, at the University of Malta within the Faculty of Social Wellbeing as a casual lecturer, and a Counsellor within my private practice and at Richmond Foundation.

I previously worked as Correctional Operations Assistant Manager within the Department of Correctional Services, at Victim Support Malta as Services Coordinator and as a residential social worker within the mental health field.

I am a former Vice-President of the Malta Association for the Counselling Profession
Marthese Vassallo[email protected]+35679092413CCP088BirkirkaraMarthese obtained her Master of Science degree in Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy from the University of Derby and her Master of Arts in Education (Pastoral Care) from Loughborough University, both with Distinction. She holds a Post Grad. Adv. Dip. in Humanistic & Integrative Counselling from CPPD
Counselling School, London and an Adv. Dip. in Relational Supervision from Severn Talking Therapy, UK. Marthese has over 24 years experience in counselling, having started as a voluntary counsellor working with couples. For 13 years she was employed at MCAST as a Senior Counsellor where she was actively involved in the management and setting up of the counselling unit, as well as carried out counselling sessions with adolescents and adults. Marthese also mentored a team of counsellors and other professionals in the field. Her area of special interest is working with survivors of child sexual abuse, an area she thoroughly researched throughout her studies. She now established her private practice offering counselling to adults with a range of issues including but not limited to: self-esteem, understanding oneself better, relationship problems, depression, abuse, suicide ideation and self-harm.
Mary Rose Baldacchino[email protected]+35679436787In ProcessAttardI am an Accredited Play Therapist, a Qualified School Counsellor, Family Therapist, and Clinical Supervisor.
My areas of specialization include, but are not limited to; training parents in parenting skills; infant, child & adolescent development; children and families in foster care; play therapy; art therapy; sand tray therapy and filial play. Through my strong interpersonal skills I work effectively within organisational settings. I have experience collaborating with child protective services, foster care, residential services and school based programmes. I place a high emphasis on the importance of honouring diversity and the need for inclusion in all aspects of my work.
I also provide training and workshops for professionals working with children and parents in public, private and school settings.
Michelle Zerafa[email protected]+35699115406CCP0081Żebbuġ/ĦamrunMichelle is a counsellor who works with children, adolescents and adults. She graduated in Psychology and obtained a Post Graduate Certificate in Education in Personal and Social Development from the University of Malta. She obtained an ATCL Performing Diploma in Speech & Drama from the Trinity College London and a Master in Counselling from The University of Malta. Michelle has worked with children and adolescents in the education psychosocial support sector for a number of years, as well as in the fields of online interventions, domestic violence, addictions, bereavement, anxiety and depression and couple and relationship counselling. She also worked as a drama specialist on a President’s award project aimed at using theatrical creative expression to help core participants explore their issues, and also express their voices, with the support of a qualified drama therapist. Thanks to another three mental health practitioners this idea evolved from her dissertation project, a narrative thematic analysis: Voices Expressed! Development of Maltese mental health practitioners’ narratives of injustice through Theatre of the Oppressed techniques included an actual intervention using drama in the mental health context. Michelle lectures Developing Emotional Intelligence at MCAST University College. Michelle believes that counselling can provide people with a safe space to journey through self- discovery. She also believes that when people are acknowledged and recognized for whom they are, together with the necessary support, they are then able to identify their inner strengths and use them as empowering tools to find ways of working through their difficulties.
Moira Sammut[email protected]+35699041225CCP072 DingliMs Moira Sammut is a guidance teacher and counsellor by profession. She holds a B.Ed (Hons) and has taught both in secondary and the primary sector. She also holds a Post Graduate degree in Career Guidance and a Master in Counselling. Her counselling areas of interest are children and adolescents, however she has given counselling services to adults on a voluntary basis in various entities.
Nicholas Portelli[email protected]+35679978899CCP091San ĠwannNicky Portelli is a versatile, multi-talented professional. His experience and expertise has been gained through years of being exposed to various organisations as well through his studies.

Nicky graduated in Legal and Theological Studies at the University of Malta in 2002 and completed his Law Degree at the same University in 2005.

He has worked in many different roles throughout his career from leading groups of people to re-structuring the family business. As he enjoyed these diverse opportunities, Nicky felt that his passion in life is being with people and helping them achieve their full potential. This led him to further his studies in the field of psychology through the Masters in Counselling which he completed with Merit in 2016.

This Master’s Degree has helped him practice his natural talents in a structured and professional way through one-to-one counselling.
Nicolette Camilleri[email protected]+35679703040CCP073 NaxxarNicolette Camilleri is currently employed as Head of Counselling at San Anton School and has her own private practice. She has trained and studied in Youth Work (B.A. Youth & Community Studies) and Counselling (Masters in Counselling) and holds an Advanced Diploma in Relational Supervision. She has worked both voluntarily and in employment with minorities such as asylum seekers, unemployed youth, LGBTIQ youth and is a strong promoter of diversity. She works with individual adult clients on a variety of issues including anxiety, loss and grief, and infertility.
Nicolette Schembri[email protected]+35699265326CCP097 PaolaNicolette is a warranted counsellor who aims to provide the utmost quality of services to individuals struggling with general mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma and life transitions. Her work experience includes working with adolescents, young adults, asylum seekers and refugees. Nicolette has a passion for social justice and human rights across all borders.
Olivia Scerri[email protected]+35699465991CCP086MostaI have been working as a guidance teacher in a secondary school for the past 15 years. I have a background in Gestalt Psychotherapy. I graduated in Psychology and as a PSCD teacher in 1998 and 1999 respectively. I completed my Masters in Counselling in 2016.
Pamela Borg[email protected]+35679292160CCP152MtarfaPamela is a warranted counsellor and has pursued her studies both locally and abroad. She can offer counselling services to individuals, couples and groups who may be experiencing challenges in their lives. Her main areas of interest include mental health, addiction, as well as gender, sexuality and relationship issues.
Pamela Cuschieri[email protected]+35679790083CCP034 Pamela aims to provide genuine healing and wholeness to individuals and families. She earned a Diploma in Psychology from the E.I.E., a Social Work Degree and a Master in Counselling from the University of Malta. Pamela has over ten years’ experience with survivors of domestic violence and their children. She has also provided counselling services in a variety of NGOs. She has a base of experience in counselling children and adolescents. Areas of emphasis with children include anxiety, conduct disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, eating disorders and phobias. Pamela also has a base of counselling experience working with adults in a wide variety of settings. Speciality areas include grief, depression, anxiety, trauma and life changes.
Pamela strives to create a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which individuals can be supported in their efforts to change and grow as well as become reconnected to their strengths.
Patricia Micallef[email protected]+35679343145CCP053MarsascalaPatricia Micallef is a warranted counsellor interested mainly in children and family related issues. She has a long experience of counselling in schools and other institutions; working with relational and adjustment difficulties, addiction and mental health concerns. She also works in private practice.
Philippa Sullivan[email protected]+35699040868CCP145 Philipa Sullivan is a qualified counsellor, holding a master’s degree in counselling from the University of Malta. She is also qualified in teaching mindfulness to children aged 5 to 18.
She has focused on health counselling and has experience working with people of all ages from adolescents to members of the geriatric community. Her interest lies in working with both individuals and groups focusing mainly on loss, anxiety, stress, bereavement and depression. She uses an integrative treatment approach based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness, systemic and person centredness.
Rita Zammit Pace[email protected]+35679238786CCP (Certified Canadian Counsellor)
ID 1140
I practiced in Canada; at Caritas including San Blas Therapeutic Community. Retired
Romina Baldwin[email protected]+35677295567CCP007 ŻejtunI have a Masters Degree in Transcultural Counselling from the University of Maryland. I have a Bachelors Hons In Psychology from the University of Malta. I also have a Masters in Psychotherapy and I am currently reading for the Doctorate in Psychology. I am specialized in Trauma.
Ryan Portelli[email protected]0035699209345CCP087Birkirkara/GżiraRyan Portelli is currently a Principal Counsellor in post-secondary education institutions within the Ministry for education. He graduated in Psychology, and followed it by a PGCE(PSD). He has varied experience in the education sector: teaching, learning support zone and guidance duties, mostly focusing on working with children, adolescents and adults with socioemotional and behavioural difficulties. He worked for around 8 years with persons with disability, learning difficulties and their families as well as in training of other practitioners. Ryan lectures and facilitates interpersonal and intrapersonal seminars with students studying medicine at the University of Malta. Ryan also works with passion and special interest with issues pertaining to the LGBTIQ+ community, people living with HIV, and non-heteronormative relationships, non-monogamy and diverse sexual expressions. Ryan works as a counsellor/consultant with HIVMALTA and Rainbow Support Services co-ordinating educational campaigns and counselling service. He also serves as the president of the Malta Association for the Counselling Profession after being part of the executive committee serving as a PRO, Treasurer and Vice-President.
Sandra Borg[email protected]+35679709503CCP098
Santina Camilleri[email protected]+35679703383CCP015 ĦamrunSantina has been working with people with drug addiction problems since 1998. Over the years her passion grew in the addiction field.
She has a B.A. Hons in Youth and Community Work at the University of Malta and has completed a Masters in Counselling, where she focused on drug addiction as an attachment disorder.
In counselling she focuses on identifying behaviours driven by attachment issues, which are various; work, relational issues, food, power, sex and porn, drugs and alcohol amongst many others.
Santina takes a great interest in mindfulness techniques to address various issues like anxiety, depression, stress, relational problems, grief, loss and trauma.
Clients are encouraged to take a step back and explore in depth the relationship between the way one thinks, feels and behaves.
When we change our behaviour, our thoughts and feelings naturally start to align with our new behavior.
Sara Baldacchino[email protected]+35679053813CCP013 Gudja/Qormi
I obtained my Master’s in Counselling in 2016, following a Master’s in Social,
Emotional and Behavioural difficulties in 2012, both from the University of
Malta. I work with various client groups; ranging from those affected by
eating disorders, social problems, relational difficulties, bereavement, anxiety and depression to those who wish to engage in self-exploratory work.
I worked in schools with diverse clients for eight years; those going through
their parents’ separation, victims of abuse, domestic violence and other
Psycho-social issues. I have been a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta for four years where used to lecture about the impact of psycho-social issues on children’s educational attainment.
I am currently employed as full-time counsellor at MCAST where I meet
clients with a vast array of difficulties. During sessions I make use of an
eclectic approach so as to cater for the individual needs of the clients.
I have also contributed to publications related to behavioural issues and positive mental health.
Sara Zingariello[email protected]CCP159 VariousI currently work as a counsellor with the Jesuit Refugee Service, and with Victim Support Malta. I work eclectically, with adults and adolescents who come from diverse cultures and experiences, drawing on various therapeutic frameworks according to the needs of my client. I conduct sessions in English, Maltese or Italian and work with interpreters, where required. Currently, my areas of focus include trauma, identity, grief, self-exploration and personal growth.

My academic background is in counselling (M.Couns), humanitarian action (P.G.Dip. Humanitarian Action) and theology (B.A. Hons Theology).
Sharon Grima[email protected]+35677527145CCP164 San Gwann/Pieta/
Sharon holds a Masters Degree in Transcultural Counselling, a Postgraduate Diploma in Approved Mental Health Practice (UK) and a BA (Hons) in Social Work. She has over 17 years of work experience helping adults with their mental health and wellbeing. Between 2005 and 2017 she worked within NHS Trusts in London supporting individuals and families towards a better quality of life. She works with a diverse range of issues, including work stress, anxiety, depression, trauma and abuse, self-esteem, grief, parenting and relationship difficulties. Given her training and life experiences, she observes and give importance to the multicultural aspects throughout her work.
Silvia Galea[email protected]+356 99894849CCP043Għargħur/Mrieħel/
Silvia currently works as Principal counsellor within the educational sector and as a counsellor supervisor at UOM. Her experience covers counselling children, adolescents and adults, couple counselling and family counselling. She also supervises counselling trainees as part of their Masters qualification at the University of Malta and works privately as counsellor and supervisor. Silvia graduated with a B.Psy (Hons); and has an Advanced Post Graduate Diploma from Portman (NHS) in systemic therapy. She has a Masters Degree on Counselling and a Post Graduate Certificate in Supervision. Her current area of research is on emotional regulation in a multi-family setting and on the connection between personality disorders and emotional connectedness. She has co-authored papers on school counselling which have been published in reputable journals. She is the immediate past president of the Malta Association of the Counselling Profession and was also on the board of Directors of the Malta Red Cross for ten years and a member on the technical committee for childcare for five years. Silvia has worked across various sectors including Caritas, Appogg, MCAST and Malta Red Cross in her previous work experiences.
Stephanie Caruana[email protected]+356 79539056CCP019 Swieqi/Sliema
I am a registered counsellor and social worker. I worked for 15 years in the field of addictions, after which I moved to private practice. Here I offer counselling services to adults on issues related to self-development, relationship to self and others, trauma and abuse, bereavement and loss, addictions, stress and anxiety-related issues, and other situations that the course of life tend to present
Veronique de Gabriele Ferrante[email protected]+356 79049415CCP063 St VeneraVeronique graduated from Masters in Counselling in 2014. She has worked in a Community setting, helping clients with various different
issues varying in nature. Some issues include cancer-related support for caregivers, couples’ issues, family therapy, group therapy, sexual identity, domestic violence and trauma, among others. She also worked in a more medical setting, helping clients with eating disorders and obesity. Veronique works with individual clients, couples and groups
Wilma Ventura[email protected]+356 77039070CCP 143Presently working for Child Safety Services, NSSS and doing guidance and counselling with Kinder, Primary and Secondary School students and their parents; part of team design and implementation of a child anti-abuse safety and awareness Prevention Programme for students, parents and staff; staff support and training.
Yasmine Bonnici[email protected]+356 99503494CCP148 MsidaHi my name is Yasmine, I am a counsellor graduated from the University of Malta.
My first degree is in Nursing, however I felt the need to pursue something more due to a lack of holistic care; which led me to counselling.
Throughout the course, I have experienced working with domestic violence, children and adolescents going through problems related to bullying, parental separation, self exploration or other problems and suicide bereavement and prevention.
Personally I believe that counselling is a journey that everyone can benefit from. It is a means to get to know oneself better and to deal with personal problems in a safe and confidential space which is free from judgement.
I am currently in the process of opening my own office: ‘Talking therapy’ in Msida. In the meantime due to the current situation I am also providing an online service.
Feel free to contact me for more information!
Yuka Sato[email protected]+356 99016927CCP127 Sliema

Yuka graduated with Bachelor of Psychology (Japan) and completed Master
of Arts in Transcultural Counselling (Malta). She undertook the counselling
training with inmates and unaccompanied minor migrants. She offers
sessions in English and Japanese. As a counsellor, she has worked with
adolescents and adults with a wide range of issues.
William Hayman[email protected] +356 79094751CCP040 OnlineAs a counsellor I am continuously fascinated by the basic skill of active listening. I strive to provide others the opportunity to be heard through an eclectic approach founded on a strong Rogerian basis. I prioritise working with the client’s pace through a genuine relationship based on trust, care and respect, towards providing a secure space for one to reflect, share and process personal difficulties, thoughts and emotions.

I specialised my Master’s in Counselling degree in Community counselling and was privileged to work with adolescents, adults and children who have experienced domestic violence, inmates, and other walk-in clients whose issues ranged from bereavement, dealing with change, depression and familial concerns.

In addition I worked for six years as a counsellor in schools and am presently working within a community agency for over a year; adding schoolchildren, parents/guardians and members of staff to my repertoire of experience.
Joanne Vella[email protected]+356 79892312CCP 102AttardI began my counselling career, in 2017, after graduating from Master of Arts in Transcultural counselling course. My first degree is a Bachelor in Psychology. Since 2017, I have been employed as a counsellor within the educational system, where I work with children in both primary and secondary schools. Since 2017 I have also been employed as a counsellor within Victim Support Malta. Hence I have experience working with children and adults experiencing a number of challenges, including anxiety , grief, attachment issues , anger issues and trauma. As a counsellor, I take on a very eclectic approach, drawing from different theories, in order to help my clients. Nonetheless, the person centred approach lies at the core of my counselling philosophy. This means that empathy, non-directiveness and the empowerment of the client, are at the crux of my practice. I believe that within each person there lies a pool of resources, ready to be tapped into, in order to help them overcome challenges and move forward, towards growth, resilience and healing.
Mr. Matthew Bartolo[email protected]+356 79291817Counsellor: Warrant CCP029, Psychotherapist (Humanistic – Sexual Relationship & Psychotherapy) Warrant PPBM225, Warranted Clinical SupervisorĦaż-Żebbuġ/onlineMatthew Bartolo is a warranted counsellor, psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, and sex educator. He is the lead clinician of one of Malta’s largest private mental health teams, Willingness Team. With his extensive expertise as a warranted educator, counsellor, and psychotherapist, he has dedicated his career to helping individuals and couples navigate the complexities of intimate connections. He immersed himself in the humanistic approach, a therapeutic model that places great emphasis on individual autonomy, personal growth, and self-actualization. This approach resonates deeply with Matthew’s values, as he firmly believes in empowering his clients to explore their inner selves, develop self-awareness, and make informed choices.
As an advocate for sexual health and healthy relationships, Matthew is has worked with, and trained people, and professionals, from all around the globe (Guatemala, Lithuania, Croatia, Turkey, Hungary, amongst many more). This exposure helps him understand better the complexities and similarities between multi-national and multi-racial relationships.
Malcolm Casha[email protected]+356 99986160 / +356 79576078CCP 166Qawra/Online I graduated with a Masters in Counselling from the University of Malta, and previously attained a Bachelor’s in Social Work from the same university. I specialise in working with adolescents and young adults on a variety of issues: Currently, I am employed full-time as a counsellor with the Queen Mary University of London, Malta Campus, helping students overcome stress, anxiety, depression, home sickness, self-esteem issues and helping them find a balance between their studies and personal life. I also have a private practice in Qawra.
Massimo Borg+356 79897017CCP133My first degree is a BA(Hons) in Social Work, and I spent more than 13 years working in the field of disability. I have worked directly both with persons with disability and their main caregivers or close family members. In 2023, I got a Master Degree in Counselling from the University of Malta. I have had some experience working with victims of abuse and persons living with trauma. I have also had some experience working with youths and young adults who experience anxiety in dealing with their day to day life. I am inclined towards Adlerian Counselling (sometimes called Individual Psychology), which helps individuals identify the errors made in developing their style of life, so as to healthily focus on appropriate compensations for their weaknesses, developing their strengths in the process. Adlerian counselling motivates individuals in pursuing social connection, overcoming their perceived sense of inferiority through their actions. I work mostly through Early Recollections, use of metaphors, and lifestyle analysis.
Christine Duff[email protected]77292044CCP155QormiChristine is a counsellor with a dedicated focus on fostering mental well-being. She has the privilege of working with diverse individuals including children and young adults.

Christine has a background in education drawn from her experience of teaching in primary schools for several years. She holds a Master’s in Creativity and Innovation (2016) and a Master of Arts in Transcultural Counselling (2019).

Christine’s passion extends across a spectrum of subjects, with a keen interest in the psychology of eating disorders. Her journey of learning is ongoing, as she enthusiastically explores new areas of interest.
Vefa Veisalova[email protected]Vefa Veisalova

I am a Trainee Counsellor currently pursuing a Master in Counselling at the University of Malta. My therapeutic approach is primarily grounded in Person-Centred Therapy, complemented by ongoing studies in Emotion Focused, Psychodynamic, and Cognitive Behavioural theories. This diverse foundation allows me to integrate various perspectives into my future practice.

With a PhD in Applied Linguistics from the Azerbaijani State University and an MSc in Psychology (Conversion Award) from the Manchester Metropolitan University, my academic background reflects a multidisciplinary approach. My focus on trauma-informed care aligns with a keen interest in understanding and addressing the impact of trauma.

• Children (0-6 years of age)
• Children (7-11 years of age)
• Adolescent mental health
• Adult mental health
• Family difficulties
• Parenting
• Individual therapy

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]