Enable, enhance and grow

The training committee is responsible to consult on training needs and agree on interventions that address these priorities and needs. It also represents, communicates and gathers feedback from members. The training committee members attend meetings for voluntary groups in order to obtain funds, plan training, contact speakers and find venues for training. It goes on to brief the trainers about what is required, obtain their profile with a recent photo of themselves and a description of their talk. The session to be given is discussed with the trainers and tailor made for the needs of the members. Any queries or requests pertaining to training is also dealt with by the training committee.

During the training attendance is recorded. Certificates are then drafted, signed and sent to the members who attended the training.

The present subcommittee is made up of:

  • Chairperson: Maud Muscat
  • Members: Ruth Falzon, Dorianne Rotin