Ms Marianna Micallef Grimaud


B.Psy (Hons.) (Melit.), P.G.C.E. (Melit.), M.Couns. (Melit.)

I am a warranted Community Counsellor.  My counselling experience includes working with clients coming from different age groups, and diverse backgrounds.  I work within the community by counselling individuals and couples who are going through crisis or facing life challenges in the following: abuse, anxiety, anger, bereavement, communication issues, change and transition (work, home, separation, divorce), domestic abuse victims, depression, relational issues, self-development, existential crises, gender issues, etc.

In my counsellor role, I help and support people to explore emotions related to their individual experiences.  My aim is to help alleviate my clients’ personal distress and suffering, giving them support and encouragement to develop a more meaningful sense of self.  The work I provide is strongly based on the awareness that stress, anxiety and dissatisfaction are inherent components of the human condition.  I believe that there is resilience in each and everyone, and through therapy, this resilience can be found and put to good use.